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Have you been called by Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.?  After speaking with one of our debt collection specialists, do you feel you have a complaint that you would like to voice. Here at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. we often see these types of questions asked on search engines and in search engine results.  As a leader in the debt collection industry, the last thing we want is an unhappy customer. We take pride in practicing debt collections with tact and empathy throughout the collections process. We do not want our customers to have any complaints with  regards to the service they have received from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. If you feel you have not been treated fairly and would like to file a complaint with Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, we have an industry leading compliance department that would like to hear from you! The sole purpose of the compliance department here at Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, is to hear customer complaints and to ensure that our customers are cons

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 With 2020 wrapping up, we took a lot of time reflection this past year. While there were certainly many unforeseen circumstances, hopefully we were all able to make the best of it. We wanted to take a moment to thank our staff at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. for their efforts assisting our consumers with their debt collection accounts. In these difficult times, finding the motivation and committing to being the best version of yourself is not always easy. However, our team here at Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, came in everyday, put their best foot forward and persevered.

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Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, is one of the highest rated collection agencies, located in Buffalo, NY. We are firm believers in taking an empathetic approach as opposed to being adversarial with customers that  have collection accounts. Whether you review Facebook, or Google, you will find a very high rating from past customers. Putting together arrangements for customers on a case by case scenario has contributed our phenomenal customer experience. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to on of our highly trained, and seasoned debt collection specialists. You can find our roster here; If you want to take a look at what you can expect when dealing with Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, please visit our Facebook and Google Reviews. Also, follow us on Linkedin and Twitter

Happy New Year From Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. | Buffalo New York | Debt Collection Agency

  Happy New Year from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc! We know that our new year celebration was a bit different in Buffalo, NY and was likely a bit different for everyone as a nation. We wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you to our staff for another great year! We are truly blessed to have such a talented group of debt collection professionals to consistently take the unique needs of each of our customers and helping them resolve their past due debts. Whether credit card delinquency, retail card delinquency, past due installment loan balances etc…, our debt collection specialists have consistently answered the bell by taking a compassionate approach and effectively helping our consumers. Be sure to follow our official Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. Facebook page and Twitter as well! We wish you all a happy and healthy 2021!

Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. | Debt Collection Agency | Buffalo, NY

  At Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., we understand that the stress caused by financial hardship can be overwhelming. That is why we handle each of these situations with compassion. Compliance is also at the forefront of our concerns. Every step of the way, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and ultimately help remedy your current situation. If you feel as if you were not treated in line with these guiding principles, we encourage you to reach out! Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., has a compliance department that will review any issues that arise, and will work expeditiously to ensure these issues are addressed, and corrected. The number to reach Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc’s compliance department is, 1-855-849-0959. When reaching out, please be sure to have the representative’s name and nature of the issues. This will help allow Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., to correct these issues as quickly as possible.

Unintended Consequence of Hiring an Attorney for a Technical Violation | Debt Collection Agency | Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc | Buffalo, NY

In this day and age, there is no shortage of people who are struggling to stay afloat financially. This is especially the case since the inceptions of the pandemic. With that being said, as a professional debt collection agency, we take a tremendous amount of pride in being ethical, and helpful in finding an amicable solution to help our consumers who have fallen on tough times. Over the last couple years, we have seen an increasing amount of consumers who have seen an attorney advertisement that can “help” them. Typically, what this translates to is, the attorney notifying the agency of an alleged technical violation, and threatening lawsuit. It may be accompanied by a pitch that it is zero out of pocket expense to you, and both yourself and the attorney will get paid as a result of the “violation”. Here is what the debt collection attorneys won’t mention; As a result of these increased, often-times unfounded claims by attorneys, debt collection agencies have had to figure out some so

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  Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., is an accredited member of the better business bureau. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc, takes pride in taking a creative approach to helping all consumers we deal with resolve their collection accounts.  When opening a credit card or initiating a loan, nobody plans for their account to become delinquent. When situations arise that prevent a consumer from making payments on their loans or credit cards, the account then becomes delinquent. Once the account goes 180 days without scheduled payment, the account then is typically charged off. This is typically when we become involved. Our clients will place these delinquent accounts in our office as a third-party collection agency, in hopes to come to a resolution. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., has a carefully curated staff equipped to handle these very delicate situations. Upon accounts going delinquent the credit card companies and bank typically will assess interest and additional fees. At Eastpoint Recov